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Interior Design Services

Your Lifestyle Designed!

"Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people, and it has to make them wonder. Good design is a conversation." - Zahid Sardan

Welcome to The Design Corridor Interiors.  We believe that interior design is a three dimensional way to express thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories. Every interior space, whatever its functionality is, is an opportunity for us to create a unique well designed environment keeping in line with the traditions of interior design, mixed with originality and sustainable living. Just being in that space would be an unforgettable experience.


It is our mission at The Design Corridor to create interior spaces that would reflect your design and lifestyle preferences. Interior design is a visual as well as a physical experience, so, at  The Design Corridor, we provide the sensory satisfaction that you, our clients yearn for with our well thought out designs.

When we design an interior space, we not only design it for function, comfort and aesthetic reasons, we also suggest a lifestyle and a story.


A bespoke home design to suit your lifestyle and to use sustainable, ethically sourced materials where possible that supports slow consumerism is our ultimate goal.

If we can work with you to re-use and repurpose that one piece of furniture, we will be one step closer to achieving our goal of minimizing waste and head towards a zero - waste nation in singapore.

our Services

interior design

Creating interior spaces that would reflect the client's design and lifestyle preferences with sustainable living at heart.

Ceramic Vases and Bowls


Sourcing furniture, fixtures and fittings from our wide range of partners and suppliers and striving to source ethically and sustainably where possible. 


Bringing in the personality into the space with styling - this is not simply about putting together a few furniture pieces, but creating a design story based on vivid experiences of a client. 


furniture design

Creating bespoke pieces for our clients based on their design journey from Initial Sketches, Material Selection, Manufacture to Installation. 

E- Design & 3D visualization

2D and 3D Renders that help our clients to fully immerse themselves in what the space would  look like and to ascertain a better understanding of the design concept prior to a build or styling is carried out.

We also do simple renders for clients who would like to do the styling themselves but would like a bit of an assist in spatial planning and furniture placement.


our process

Interior Design
Interior Design Objects

Introductory call &

on-site consultation

First things first: we get to know each other through an introductory call.  If we are a good fit, then we will draw inspiration from you, your story and your lifestyle as we work together to create the best interior for your needs and budget. Following the call we will proceed to an on-site consultation, after which point we will finalize the Contract and fees.

Design development

During the design development phase we will document the existing space, review the initial budget estimate, and finalize detailed design plans and specs.

Hand Holding Color Swatches
Contemporary Armchair


As per the designs finalised with the client we will proceed to select furnishings, finishes, and materials.

Build and / or Styling

Based on the contract we will either commence the build process or the styling of the space as per designs. 

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If you have have an interior design project you would like to discuss with us, please share the details below and we will be in touch shortly .

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