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Seascape  coaster set consisting of 4 coasters - stainless steel base with velvet - topped and sealed with glossy resin/ epoxy design.


Dimensions - 10 cm in diameter.



Seascape Coaster (a set of 4 coasters)

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  • This product was handcrafted with extreme care and diligence ~ as every single product is handcrafted, it is one of a kind. Each item will show the tell- tale signs of hand craftsmanship with its rough edges and other unique elements and although we try our best to replicate the designs, no two items will be exactly the same.


    Care Instructions :

    Direct exposure to high temperatures [maximum temperature tolerable is 50 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit)] and scratching of the surface with sharp objects should be avoided to ensure that it could be used to its full capacity.

    Although the resin covered portion will be non shatterable, the ceramic base will break if dropped or hit with an object.

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