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The design corridor 
What we offer...

Looking for pieces to spruce up your interior or as gift, then take a look around...

Livingroom Interior

Interior Design




Let us take you on a journey to explore the interior that calls out to you and make you feel at home..

We work with you to realize the interior design style that works best for you and your family's preferred lifestyle and then we bring that style into a reality. 

who we are...


to carefully curate A bespoke home design for our clients to create a space that suits their lifestyle and preferences 


taking into account space constraints and with repurposing of existing pieces of furniture and accessories at the core


while striving to use sustainable, ethically sourced materials where possible that supports slow consumerism 

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Misty Slopes

Green interiors

Now more than ever before, green is no longer just a fringe niche for the new generations, it’s a necessity for everyone. For many, going green meant recycling water bottles, maybe driving an electric car.


Green Interior Design, challenges homeowners and others alike to act bigger. Green interior design is about living with intention and style and having the realization that the decisions you make will affect the health and wellness of your planet, your family and yourself. While we provide design consultancy services we are planning to do it while being conscious of the effect it has on our planet from partnering with suppliers who are sourcing their products in a sustainable and ethical manner.

individuality & wabi sabi

our guiding lights are; recognizing the individuality within all of us which helps us create authentic spaces for each of our clients based on their very own lifestyle and preferences and at the same time being willing to recognize the beauty in the imperfections, allowing us to design that space for our clients that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are functional.  

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Coming from a family of lawyers, Chamendri pretty much had her mind set on being a lawyer. Whilst pursuing a legal career, she was fascinated by interior design and home decor. 

Many years later this interior design enthusiast pursued her passion and went on to fulfil her life long dream of working on a creative platform by creating The Design Corridor

The Design Corridor creates interior spaces that would reflect ones design and lifestyle preferences.

Chamendri likes to experiment with a surprising combination of objects that provides a perfect balance to a given interior space.  This was the driving force behind creating her own brand of "Lifestyle Pieces".   As an avid enthusiast of Resin and Alcohol Ink mediums, she created an array of lifestyle pieces that consist of home decor, functional and decorative art pieces to suit any interior space.   Since she does not believe in the concept of "one- size fits all", and values individuality, she looks at the overall interior space to manipulate it in a way that brings out its essence and uniqueness. 

One of her main goals is to work towards Green Interior where homeowners are conscious about how their actions affect the planet and the next generations and to work with ethical and sustainable partners and brands in getting closer to achieving the goal whilst creating beautiful functional spaces. 

Corridor (noun)  - a long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms.
Meet our founder...

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