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Tips to Hang Your Art Right! How to Guide - Part 1

Couple of things to keep in mind when hanging pictures are;

  • to not hang in areas where there is direct sunlight to avoid damage and fading of the picture over time; and

  • to avoid hanging pictures directly above or below heat sources.

Hanging Artwork by itself

The easiest tip to remember when installing an artwork is to hang single pieces at eye level. But of course, it is easier said than done, so we have some measurements to preserve your sanity when hanging the art pieces. These measurements are for items that do not have any objects such as pieces of furniture underneath.

If it is a blank wall with no furniture underneath then, you will aim to hang the picture 57 to 60 inches from the center of the picture to the floor.

Exceptions to this rule: If the ceilings are really low - divide the vertical length of your wall into quarters and hang the art pieces 3/4 way up from the floor.

Stay with us for the next parts of our "how to guides" on placement of artwork to see how to hang a piece of art above a piece of furniture or to even a hang a gallery wall!

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