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Exercise your creativity with us!

If you would like to engage us to host a workshop for a team or a group (kids party, hen party, corporate team bonding session), please contact us and we will get back to you.

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Work it at our workshops!
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The Art of Resin Pouring Workshop ~

Single Technique 

The Art of Resin Pouring Workshop ~

Two Techniques 

Resin Floral Cheese Board Workshop

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Resin Cheese Board and Coaster Set Workshop  

Seascape Resin Art Workshop (Masterclass)

Resin Trinket Dish Workshop

Image by Javier Esteban

Resin Wall Art Workshop  

Resin Geode Workshop  

Alcohol Ink Art Workshop  

Candids from our Workshop Fun-days!

"My 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son did the Seascape Masterclass at The Design Corridor, and boy did they have an amazing time!

Chamendri had expertly planned the class to suit both of them, and provided all the raw materials so all they needed to do was show up! They were completely engaged throughout the time they were there, and wanted to stay longer when it was time to leave.

I highly recommend this two-day programme as a holiday activity for kids. Chamendri is skilled, patient, fun and very, very accommodating. The kids get a beautiful, whimsical and rather professional-looking creation to keep as well.

In my daughter's words, she found the class, "Fascinating and interesting to learn as I hadn't done a class like this ever before." They both want to learn more and are persuading me to buy resin. However, I might just send them back to the expert     ~Minoli

"My son (Age 9) and I took a resin workshop with Chams and it was such a great experience! She is super helpful and encouraging. I totally recommend taking a workshop with her and seeing what you can create!"  ~ Angela                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

"My friend and I had a lovely resin class with Chamendri. Her patient and flexible teaching style really makes working with resin fun and easy. She gladly answers all questions n doubts with her lovely smile !

Thanks Chams we will be back soon !"  ~ Rima


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