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To or Not to Karate Chop!

One principle of interior design is to consider the entire structure of a space and to make sure the objects are placed in a proportionate and in a manner that it complements with the structure.

A reason why some of us love to "chop" the cushions are so that it look less regimented and bring in a softness to the space while maintaining the structure of it. The idea of “karate chopping” pillows has become an increasingly popular trend over the past couple of  years. But is this look for everyone? and will it sustain - should you or should you not karate chop?


What is a karate chopped cushion?

Karate chopping a pillow is a way of shaping your pillows by using a karate chop motion to create an indent at the top of a pillow. This revived trend first came into the interior styling scene in the 1980s and have since been made a phenomena by various decor magazines and styling shows. Different stylists have varying ways of doing the chop but one method that had worked for us has been to first shake the pillow and then fluff it prior to taking the ends of the pillow and lightly squeezing in and out. This will give the pillow a firm and crisp look. After this, indent the top middle of the pillow with a karate chop style movement.

Tip : The cushions that best retain the dent from the chopping are cushions filled with feathers. However, you can apply this technique to any type of cushion - some might hold the indent better than others. You will know only if you try it, which is our motto - so go for it!

Why do it?

The point of karate chopping a pillow is to have the pillows appear fuller than they actually are -

and also to make them appear more comfortable as the effect of it tends to make them look not only lush and elegant but plump and soft too.

Is it a necessity?

To get to the point right away - it is not a necessity at all. Some people find satisfaction in karate chopping their cushions for the bed or the couch as the final process in the styling game. Others wonder why those people karate chop their perfectly shaped, high-end cushions and not just let them be cushions!

Whether it is actually needed to achieve a magazine look or just for the pure enjoyment of executing a karate chop on an unsuspecting pillow - ultimately it will come down to what YOU prefer and what your style calls for!

The beauty of home styling trends is that you do not have to like every single one of them. And also, that what you do with your home does not have to align with what someone else likes or dislikes.

So whether you love to chop it or hate it with a passion is a decision you need to make yourself and you will only get that answer if you only try it, right? So go ahead and get chopping - if nothing else, you will feel better just doing that movement alone.  If you absolutely hate it you can simply shake up the cushions to plump them up and bring them back to their original "unchopped" state - simple as that!

Pro tip - If you find yourself conflicted and like both natural and chopped pillows but not sure which one to commit to, try incorporating both styles in your home decor and see how you feel.

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