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ginger lily  x  corridor

What is the interior design style of your home? Do you like to style your home with a tropical design with monstera and palm leaf wallpaper? or is it more of a coastal vibe you are going for? or you like to go all out and do up your space in Art Deco inspired design? Whatever style it is, we have carefully curated decor pieces - Lifestyle Pieces - with resin, alcohol ink and clay to suit a wide range of design styles. Come and have a look around and add your favorites to the cart. 

The unique feature of our Lifestyle pieces is that they are not "one - size - fits all" - we provide pieces to suit lifestyle and design style of the individual. We have all been in situations in which we had to contend with ready made pieces when looking for the perfect decor piece for the home or office. Our handmade Lifestyle Pieces that you will see in this page are made to suit different interior design styles and you are bound to find a piece that will suit your preference.

In addition, we undertake orders for custom pieces, contact us up with your queries and let us work our magic for you. 


We firmly believe in reusing and repurposing existing items whether it is a major piece of furniture or a simple coaster or another piece of home decor/ accessory where possible. We have worked with clients to upgrade their old coffee tables and old coasters with new looks using our expertise on resin and alcohol ink. You can go to our blog to see stories on these projects. 

If we can reuse an item one more time without contributing to landfill then we can reach the target of reducing our waste and contribute towards a zero waste nation as pledged by the Singapore Government.

Fancy a look at some of our Lifestyle Pieces?
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