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Creating a Warm Aesthetic

When styling your home, creating the atmosphere you and your family prefer is one of the most important aspects. If you have a designer taking on the reins, make sure to discuss with them the type of atmosphere you feel comfortable with in your home so that they can work out a design to suit the preference - be it a warm or a cool space.

In this post, we are touching briefly on how to achieve a warm, inviting space.

Warm spaces are known to;

  • encourage mental and physical activites

  • stimulate emotions

  • encourage a sense of security and excitement

Use of warm, dark or bright colour schemes

You can achieve the warm atmosphere by choosing warm colour palettes for your interior - be it in a darker or brighter tone.

Using lights that could be dimmed or softened

Using lights that generates a pool of light focusing on a specific spot can provide a warm feeling to any space.

Sense of containment

Styling the space with a sense of containment achieves the warm cosy feeling in a space.

Revealing objects

When objects are revealed, even when they are stored such as,

  • hats on a hat rack

  • bags on wall pegs

  • shoes on open cabinets

  • books on open shelves

  • open shelf kitchens

  • glass fronted cabinets

Tactile textures

Using cosy, tactile finishes and textures give that homey vibe.

Natural materials

Using natural materials such as rattan in furniture and accessories, add a warmth to a given space.

You can use these guidelines to create a warm inviting space in your home yourself - but if you ever need help, we are just within reach, always!

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