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Creating a Cool Aesthetic

In one of our previous blog posts, we touched upon creating a warm, inviting space. Today, we will touch base on how to create a cool, airy and a calm space for those of you who prefer such an aesthetic in their home.

Cool spaces are known to;

  • encourage stillness and restraint

  • encourage a sense of calm

  • encourage focus, awe or a sense of decorum

Precision in placement of objects

Deliberately and almost clinically placing objects and furniture to bring about order which in turn gives a sense of decorum and calm.

Volume of Space

Having an expansive volume of space even if it is only an illusion - making it look like there is more space than there actually is will give it an airy look - this can be achieved by using reflective surfaces such as mirrors, etc. and deliberately planned finishes.

Cool colour palette, patterns and textures

Using subdued and pale colours and patterns with muted textures and tones. Textiles may still be tactile but they will be hard and crispy.


Bright or softened natural or artificial lighting - with focus on one main source of furniture/ object with a wider pool of light.


Surfaces would ideally be subtly reflective or transparent - these can be achieved in the types of finishes that are chosen for the home. Effectively, the finishes would be smooth and hard.


Mostly the objects will be hidden away by concealing them inside cabinets and closed shelves or if you prefer to display them openly then do so in a precise manner.

Proportions and shapes

Proportions of the objects are more focused with one monumentally large central feature. The furniture shapes would be lighter, straighter and more delicate.

You can use these guidelines to create a cool, calm space in your home yourself - but if you ever need help, we are just within reach, always!

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