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How to Hang a Mirror - Part 1

Why should you a hang a mirror?

Hanging a mirror is a great way to open up your space and make the space look bigger and brighter but we must make sure that we place it well so that light bounces around and we are able to achieve this bigger and brighter feeling!

You could ;

  • Display a dramatic mirror in the dining room or on top of the entryway cabinet/ console to reflect light and open up the space;

  • Add a mirror in the bathroom to add visual interest;

  • Hang a mirror at the end of a long corridor to add visual interest and to open up the space;

  • Hang a full length mirror at the back of your door to conserve space in small spaces.

In this article, we will only touch on, how to better place a mirror over a piece of furniture - what are the best measurements, etc. Please keep reading our blog for upcoming articles on how to hang a mirror on a dry wall and how to hang an oversized mirror.

  1. Choose a mirror - First and foremost, find a mirror that calls out to you depending on your design style and that which complements the style of your home.

  2. Find out how much the mirror weighs - If it is newly-purchased, you can probably find that information on the packaging or retailer's website; otherwise, you'll want to weigh it. The easiest way to go about it is to use a mini luggage scale - which works for light weight mirrors. (We will touch on how to deal with an oversized mirror in our upcoming articles - stay tuned for that!) Another method of measuring the weight if you do not have a luggage scale is to stand on a bathroom scale with and without the mirror - the difference between the two numbers would be the weight of the mirror.

A lighter mirror would weigh anywhere between 0.5kg -15kg roughly and anything beyond that would be a heavy mirror which will need heavier anchoring and more support, especially if it is to be hung on a dry wall, which will be discussed on a separate article later.

3. Is your mirror ready to hang? -

Check the back of the mirror to see if there is already hooks or other hanging hardware installed. If not, you will have to attach it yourself.

4. Which room will you hang the mirror?

Based on the need of your space, choose a room and the place you would want the mirror to be hung and commit to it. You could use it as a statement piece or as a practical piece to conserve space, etc.

5. The measurements -

First off, measure the width of the mirror and find out the center of the mirror.

Secondly, measure the width of the furniture (i.e. the piece of furniture that you would be hanging the mirror on top of) to determine exactly where the center of the mirror should be placed.

Then measure 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm) from the top of the piece of furniture - be it a console or a mantel - this would be where the bottom edge of the mirror would be.

Once you’ve picked the perfect spot to hang your mirror, it’s time to straighten it up and mark where the hardware will go. Ask someone to help you hold and place the mirror to get the full picture. Install your hardware and hang the mirror in place, then enjoy the new look and vibe it will bring to your space.

Only a few steps and your mirror would be up but if you need help, we are always one message away!

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